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  1. Changing Climate Control Colour/Replacing broken LED | S15

    Hello and welcome to another new Tutorial!

    This can only be done in the Jap Spec S15's, ADM ones may share bulbs, and process to remove is similar, so you can follow along too with discretion.
  2. WTB: Damn that Nissan Nicra one looks perfect. Was...

    Damn that Nissan Nicra one looks perfect. Was hoping to get a large bulk of them. I have found a similar plug on ebay for only a few dollars. will wait for it to arrive and test fit... might be a few...
  3. WTB: Sorry for the late reply mate. Photos as per...

    Sorry for the late reply mate. Photos as per request!
  4. WTB: Where can i find some of these connectors?

    Hi all!

    Looking to purchase a few of the connectors that connect the tail lights to the loom in the boot.

    Anyways. I was hoping someone might be able to guide me to a business that produces...
  5. Installing Yashio/Aftermarket Tail lights | S15

    Hello world!

    Looking to make a quick tutorial on how to change out your tail lights in the s15 for a set of aftermarket lights.

    I have attached a video on the process you can view, and I...
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    Joining the squad with my s15

    Hi guys.

    I have owned my s15 for almost a year now and am finally joining the forum.

    I am looking to start up a Youtube channel for Vlogs/Tutorials I will start posting some around here...
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