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    Bride Zeta III glitter back buckets (pair)

    Bride Zeta III glitter back buckets (pair)

    Hi guys

    I’m selling my Bride Zeta III’s. They are the black gradation glitter back model and were purchased from RHD Japan by me a couple of years back. They were in my car for a short time but we’re removed as unfortunately they don’t fit me too comfortably as I’m a 36 waist. These would better suit a waist size of 32 or below.

    They have covered maybe 500 miles in the car and are in great condition.

    Come fitted with Street Faction Engineering rails which sit the seats lower than the standard seats. These have no sliders as I’m a tall guy and it helped me fit into the car, they could be added though.

    Given the condition and the fact I can prove they are genuine with receipts I'm asking £1,500 with the rails. I think this is a fair price given what it would cost to import a new set. Pictures below:

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    Seat rails are so lovely!

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