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    Supercar trackday experience for sale

    I received this as a birthday present last august and I was planning on doing it over the coming easter break but the only dates they have available that I could do are at locations that are way too far for me to travel, so I'm offering it for sale to someone who might like to do it and can get to it without a 7 hour journey either way.

    The voucher expires on 03 June 2016. See the screenshots below for the locations and dates left before then.

    A link to the exact one the mrs bought me - https://www.trackday...HRheeqJVOo2l.97

    Rockingham (Northants) | Castle Combe (Wiltshire)* | Blyton Park (Lincolnshire) | Bruntingthorpe (Leicester) | Elvington (York)

    Order Information
    You can order a 10-month voucher or book directly onto a date. You can up upgrade to use this voucher on a weekend for 25. You may also have 2 extra laps in the Radical for 50 (highly recommended). *weekends not available at Castle Combe


    Arrive at the Circuit for sign on and safety briefing
    Demonstration lap driven by the instructor
    3 laps driving your chosen Supercar
    High-speed passenger ride in Radical SR3 Race Car
    Debrief and presentation of driving certificate

    Available at Rockingham, Castle Combe, Elvington and Blyton Park Racing Circuits (* 4 laps at Blyton).
    Choose fto drive either a Ferrari 360, Porsche 911, Aston Martin V8, Lamborghini Gallardo, Ariel Atom or Audi R8.
    Your high speed ride will be with Andy Cummings, the 2014 Radical European Champion!

    You will be at the Circuit for approx. 1.5 hours.

    Read more at https://www.trackday...C54thLWWFhyw.99
    This cost her 99 which is a deal already reduced from 199.

    I'm after 80.

    I'd send the voucher email and any info needed that she initially used to buy it.

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    70 anyone? Feel free to make a sensible offer I don't want to see it go to waste!!

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