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    Insurance quotes

    Hi all - I am 24, looking to insure a S15 Spec R but having issues,

    I am with Brentacre right now who have been a god send for the laat few years with insurance quotes however they won't touch me on the S15,

    I am having to cancel my policy to now go elsewhere, any ideas?

    I cant see how a 24 year old is struggling with such a car, import, 2.0 turbo yes, but family/ friends of mine are driving R33 GTR's/ Supra's etc at my age too.

    any help appreciated.

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    Not sure about the UK market but thats what we have to put up with here in Ireland. I'm 33 with 12 years NCB and i could only get 1 company to quote me in Jan of this year. Insurance is a joke over here at the moment. Hopefully the UK isnt becoming the same.
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    Insurance quotes

    I'm 20 with 3 years NCD and I paid £707 in May for mine with Aviva.

    I don't really know how or why, but Aviva have been really good to me haha! Thought the S15 had been registered as something else when I saw their quote and so I double checked and nope - all registered right. I do have someone with 34 years NCD as a named driver on my policy mind you and the price does go up a fair bit if they're not on it.

    Also area code hugely affects the quote as I'm sure you're aware. I only live in a small town (thankfully in the case of insurance) and a friend of mine who lives in a city tried to get a quote on my car out of interest and the best quote was a shade over £4,200 under the same age, NCD etc.

    They're worth a try at least - you'll have to do it through their website though as they're not on the comparison sites.

    I'll definitely be sticking with them come renewal next year as this year they were about £800 cheaper than the next insurer.

    Whichever way you look at it, insurance is a scam in this country.
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    Insurance quotes

    Insurance quotes

    The reason I should imagine you're struggling is that there is a tendancy for young lads to buy these cars and write them off within weeks of owning them . That I would assume will put a lot of companies off . A lot of places will want at least a years rwd /performance experience now before they even consider it . Flux, sky were the places I used when I first got mine then I moved over to green light who are excellent . I pay about £400 a year now but I have had it 7.5 years and I'm old Insurance quotesInsurance quotes

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