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  1. Looks really good mate! You've done a good job!

    Well all I know is my last day is next Friday and I don't have another job lined up yet!! I've had a lot of interest in the car but no one has come up with the cash yet!
  2. some pics up on my profile of the bits i sprayed dude,still gotta get round to doing the dash but it come out nice,hows it going with you??any news on whether you will be keeping your car?
  3. Nice one mate! Looking forward to seeing the progress!
  4. Finally got around to doing the interior will get some pics up later after a clean hopefully!
  5. not yet mate hoping to get it finished in the next week or so will get some pics up for ya soon as i do
  6. Hello mate, hows it going? Any pics of the interior yet?
  7. one of my wind deflectors is broken though so gonna have to get replacements.
    gonna go for the chargespeed front i really like it,just looks mint. as for the interior its coming along nicely at the mo will post u some pics when i get it all in there,had a hold up on my parts for the suspension not gonna be here till feb now so doubt i will be making that show
    just checked your thread they are defo some nice mods!!!
  8. Dont worry Ive seen a pic in your thread! looks nice, I like that front bumper!! your lucky youve got wind deflectors... wish mine had come with them
  9. Wow sounds good, looking forward to seeing the interior!! What front bumper do you have at the moment, got a pic?

    Yeah my car did pretty well this xmas, I got a boost controller, strut brace... I put a thread up somewhere, there you go!
  10. waiting for some parts at the mo bought new steering arms and adjustable suspension arms,tein coilovers too just for starters get it handling nice,hopefully gettin that one in the next week or so then wanna change my front bumper as it's not to my taste really,2 toning my interior bayside blue and body colour then re trimming the interior to match ,blue/grey and prob get some blue defi gauges and do the dash lights.
    Engine wise i have not really looked to deeply into at the mo as i need to get use to the car a bit first but i am trying to make this my first proper show car so there will be a lot goin on it!!!
    what you get your car for xmas then anythng good ???
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