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    PJ Guest

    The center console is custom made by myself, i have fitted a car pc system in the car and the screen is indeed a touchscreen. I am currently planning to be able to control the pc with a knob like the I-Drive from BMW.



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    S15R Guest
    I'm putting a Carputer aswell soon, where did you mount the PC ?

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    PJ Guest
    First i mounted it in the front but now i am moving it to the back. I have a USB Hub in the front where i have the CD.



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    S15R Guest
    cool, how big is the case and copmuter specs?

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    Lol. I'm on PCs and servers all day, got a full AD domain with two PCs and two wireless laptops and PDA at home. The last thing I need is a PC in the car...

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    PJ Guest
    The case is the same size as a computer cd-rom just a little deeper (DIN Size).

    Well, i also work with computers all day (i own a it-company) but i can not stop finding new places to put computers

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