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Thread: khoala'a s15

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    khoala Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Punghouse View Post
    clean i like your cwest eyelids, are they fiber glass? and how do you like your coilovers. i bought the same ones today but im having second thoughts.
    fibre glass eyelids....
    heat it up and double side tape it on...hahaha

    as for coilovers...
    lover them..yes they are a tad harsh for the street and bumps are bad..but it makes up for the downsides by the zero body roll and ability to corner faster, harder and know when you are about to lose control so u can back off....
    i just added subframe bushes to it and it seems to help as well...can handle the little bumps a bit better

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    khoala Guest
    kinda aking back the blue bling in my engine bay as well
    replace all my blue silicon hoses with black one...have them running underneath rather then over things to keep it less visible.
    wrapped up a lot of the loose wires with those plastic thingy's...dunno what ir called...its got a lsit where u slide your cable in to have it looking neater...

    my diff is the market for a new one now...been shopping around

    most likely end up getting a nismo 1.5 in the coming months

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