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    S15R Guest
    i had carbon bonnet on my 1st s15, damn i got scared so much, that i dont wanna floor it,

    make sure u get pins, few of my mates end up..... bonnet flew away @ 150+km/h

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    FLY 200 Guest

    sweet as

    love it, looks really nice without being over the top, great colour looks good on the conversion 10/10

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    Scummy Guest
    It's realy nice! but I got one question? Do the S15 part fit right on to the S14 or is it alot of other things you have to fix? I wonder because i live in Norway you see, and here it's not posible to get plates on a S15 yet. So I was thinking do buy a S14 and do what you have done to yours. And again, realy nice car!

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    kazamas15 Guest
    Nice S14.5 ~

    U gonna tell us about ur top secret project O big ~

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    S15R Guest
    ohh u mean he is selling the S14.5 and got himself a Lexus IS250?

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    kazamas15 Guest
    Lexus IS250 is no big secret but... what he is planning to do with it is ~

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    MazzyMan Guest
    Sweet conversion dude! Nice!

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