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    sillbeers15 Guest

    SillbeerS15's small update

    Christmas came early for me this year.....cheers everyone!

    Recently installed the following:
    1. HKS F-CON V Pro 3.24, with map selector and launch/antilag control.
    2. HKS 740cc injectors.
    3. HKS Twin Power.
    4. HKS 100mm Suction Kit.
    5. HKS EVC (VI).

    And tuned.....

    Following are some pics to share.

    Front right view.



    NISMO 280km/h instrument cluster.

    New Sard FPR, R34 GT-R Fuelpump, Borsch filter, steel braided hoses installed.

    HKS Twin Power to supply stable spark @ high revs.

    HKS F-CON V Pro, Turbo timer, Fan Controller, Map selector knob installed in glove compartment.

    New HKS 100mm Suction Kit + Filter.

    New EVC (VI) to tinkle with....hehee!

    Engine Compartment updated with newly painted rocker cover and new IC pipes.

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    gunner93 Guest

    Whats the left red switch in front of the gear for? Also what boost meter have you fitted? From the pic looks like Defi?

    Otherwise, cars looking superb!

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    sillbeers15 Guest

    The red switch you are refering to is a NISMO replacement cig. lighter that mimics a electrical cut-out switch. My real electrical cut-out switch is placed elsewhere...

    i've replaced the stock boost gauge with a HKS boost gauge b/c the stock gauge can only display upto 1 bar boost. Same reason for me to replace the instrument cluster with a Nismo 280km/h item.

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    Essex / UK
    Very nice mate !

    What seats are those ?

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    Got anymore pics of the carbon cover over the battery?

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    sillbeers15 Guest

    The CF battery and air intake covers are made by <>, you should be able to find more pics and information from there.

    JEZ 8553,
    Those are Recaro SR3 plus....lower tigh support bosters w. horizontal support extension, makes getting in and out of ride easier and long legged folks more comfortable!

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    I like how u place those gadgets in your glove box. LOL look so stock when the glovebox is closed

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    Looking good buddy...

    S14a Track Machine Progress Thread >> Click Here <<

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    sillbeers15 Guest
    Thanks for all yr kind comments.

    Yes. I always believe in minimalist approach to hyping the looks of my ride be it exterior and interior. I hide away most of my aftermarket stuff especially in the interior and just enough exposure to teese the visual senses as a tricked out ride.

    I'll be placing my EVC in a less obvious location after I am settled with the boost setting and readings.

    After the arrival of my RE55s rubber and new replacement set of TE37s, I'll next replace my single DIN head unit with a LCD touch screen for a flush look. Plus HKS has just released CAMP 2. Hooking it up to my F-CON V Pro will reveal a host of engine parameters on the LCD screen without the need for externally hooked up gauges! So I get to maintain a stealth looking dash without loosing vital engine parameters.

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    Looks really good
    I'm also trying to stay a bit stealth with the interior mods.

    So HKS has released a new CAMP.
    I bought the Greddy intelligent informeter. Will have to look up the Greddy and see what it monitors

    You have lots of space to fit the EVC and maybe the CAMP 2 unit depending on size under the stereo

    Edit: Just read up on the CAMP 2 and unlike the first edition this is integrated into the navi or dvd player screen.
    Now this is very nice
    It would make it possible to loose all the gauges and just run the CAMP 2 unit with the juction box and optional sensors.

    I'll have to look this up closer
    Nissan GTR -09 Now with Cobb accessport stage 2

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