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Thread: Paul's S15

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    Nov 2005
    Looks good mate, dark and arty

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    paulphot Guest
    Pics of the latest round of weekend work, exhaust and strut brace. Will hopefully take pics of new front bar tomorrow and post.

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    paulphot Guest
    Took some shots today with the new bar fitted, hope you like.

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    Oct 2005
    Helsinki, Finland
    Hmm. Not a fan of those Veilside jobbies, I'm afraid. Each to their own though, and its certainly grabs your attention.

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    paulphot Guest
    Fair enough, I missed the first round of Veilsidemania when the kits were everywhere so I'm catching up now. I like it and love the look so I'm all
    I will try a Trial rear bar and see how they mesh as I don't like the Veilside rear though. I just find all the M-sport and Vertex and stuff look similar and I like the big nose of mine.

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    Albert Guest
    VeilSide is nice!!!

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    dns15 Guest
    not a fan of vieldside too reckon is somewhat exagerating(spelling)
    but line of the front bumper is actually matching the factory sideskirts

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    paulphot Guest
    Well if so many of the guys don't like the Veilside then I had better stick to rear or interior

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    Ansch Guest
    as long as you like it mate! It's definitely different to most of the other kits out there. I rekon they'll come together when you have the rear bar to match and wheels as well

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    paulphot Guest
    Yeah, cheers mate. I ws pretty lucky the way the factory skirts flow with the front. It definately needs something on the back though, it looks unfinished.....which it is. I have to get my FMIC on first but hopefully I can do the rest of the kit soon. Wheels might be a different matter, maybe I could paint the factory rims instead for now. What do you think, white, gold, black or shadow chrome?

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