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    Ansch Guest

    Ansch's ADM 2001 Spec R

    Hi guys, Great forum!

    I posted some images on the old forum but here are a couple of new ones from the first dyno run the car did over the weekend. Gotta love how easy it is for the s15's to pump out more power with minor mods! All I have is a k&n pod and the fbu. And I thought I'd be pretty happy if the car ran around 120rwkw. Happy for a 149rwkw at the end for a relative standard car at this time.

    -==Updates Section ==-
    Just over two years since I got the car and still loving it. Quite a few things have happened with the car in the two years as well. Thought I'd do a "stock take" on the things I've done so far.

    2001 S15 Spec R (Australian)

    Engine Parts:
    - CES twin dump pipe + 3" exhaust
    - K&N pod filter
    - Bosch 040 fuel pump
    - Greddy Profec B II boost controller set @12psi
    - Greddy catch can
    - Stock turbo (preload actuator with washers)
    - Stock WMIC with water spray
    - Modified standard BOV to remove the "built in leak"
    - Remap standard ECU.

    Wheels, Brakes & Suspension:
    - Front strut brace
    - Cusco rear strut brace
    - Whiteline subframe align kit (pineapples), currently set to 'traction'
    - Whiteline Sway bars
    - Rear camber adjustment bushes
    - Tuneagent caster tension rod
    - Cusco master cylinder brace
    - DBA 4000 slotted rotors
    - Ferodos Formula brake pads
    - Falken FK452 on stock rims (205/55 R16)
    - Buddy Club P1 Racing
    17x8 +32 Front
    17x9 +37 Rear
    Falken FK452 215/45 front and 245/40 rear

    - C's short shift kit
    - Nismo GT shift knob in titanium
    - Pivot gekko boost & oil pressure guage in Greddy A-pillar twin pod
    - Pivot turbo timer

    - Nismo smoked side indicator
    - Added extra tail light bulb (For some reason, ADM only has the outside bulb in the tail light whereas the JDM's has two on each side.)
    - Stock ADM spec R bodykit

    Future Plans:
    - HKS wastegate actuator
    - FMIC
    - Tein superstreet coilovers (aussie spec for aussie crap roads)

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    Hong Kong
    very good mate nice to see u have enjoyed here again...

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    FLY 200 Guest

    nice ride

    nice ride there mate great to see it on the dyno- good times

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    Nov 2005
    Hi mate, nice car.

    Just noticed the twin pod on the A-piller, you got a bunch of gauges in there?? any interior shots??

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    S15R Guest

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    Ansch Guest
    Hi Topper,

    I got two pivot gekko gauges on the a pillar (boost and oil pressure). The pod is actually the Greddy pillar pod. It's meant for the R34 skylines but will fit on the S15 with minor triming. It's weird that Greddy don't make the pod for the S15 (only s13/ s14), but everyone I spoke to say that the R34 will fit and it did

    I'll post some pics up later.

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    Ansch Guest
    Took a while.. but here are the pics of the gauges

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    chirubia Guest
    ooh!!! lookin nice in the dark....

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    Ansch Guest
    Haven't been here for a while.. thought I'll post an update

    Since the first dyno run, I discovered that the car had a stuffed wastegate. It was stuck open and hence boost really slowly and late. Got that fixed under warranty thank goodness and they replaced the exhaust housing.

    Latest mod done are a CES turbo back exhaust and a boost controller. Running 12psi. The result is phenominal!

    Looking for a fuel pump and a tune next. Still running stock IC at tha moment.

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    Ansch Guest
    Few more photos from a recent photo shoot....

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