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    kazamas15 Guest

    Kazama's Grey Fox S15

    Nissan 200SX S15 Spec R


    Apexi Power Intake
    Apexi RSM
    Apexi PFC + Hand Commander
    Blitz SBC ID-III
    GReddy intercooler SPEC-V
    HKS Silent Power exhaust
    HKS Front Pipe
    HKS actuator upgrade kit (0.9bar)
    NGK Platinum #7 sparkplugs
    Nismo fuel pump
    Nismo 555cc injector
    SR20DE NA 60mm throttle body
    Splitfire coil pack
    Stage II
    Tomei manifold
    Tomei turbo outlet


    6 speed manual conversion
    C's Short Shifter

    Suspension / Bodywork / Driveline

    Cusco front & rear strut brace
    Cusco tension rod
    HKS Hypermax 3
    Whiteline Front 27mm / Rear 20mm Adjustable Swaybars
    Whiteline Subframe Align & Lock kit
    Doluck floor support bars


    Greddy full auto timer
    Momo gear knob
    Levoc Racing Pedal


    Panasonic CQ-DFX520D Headunit
    Pioneer TSC1625 Front Speakers

    Wheels and Tyres

    Nismo LMGT2 Wheel 17"
    Front Dunlop Lemans LM720 225/45
    Rear Bridestone Potenza GIII 255/40
    Dixcel disc rotor
    Dixcel type-M front & rear brake pad


    JDM Aerokit
    JDM Aero Rear Spoiler
    X-treme carbon bonnet
    Nismo clear side indiciator

    Power: 212 kw (284.3 hp) @ wheel
    Torque: 406.5 Nm (299.8 lbft)

    Waiting list (2~3yr project)

    Defi guages
    HKS RS turbo
    Nismo instrument cluster
    Nismo 1.5 way LSD
    ORC Clutch
    Skyline R34 GT-T brake conversion
    Tomei poncam
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    Nov 2005
    Hong Kong
    very nice mate well done....keep the work up

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    chirubia Guest
    hey mate
    6 speed manual conversion
    does the manual transmission fit the stock A/T gear console???

    or i need to find a manual one??

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    kazamas15 Guest
    The gear surround fits straight on. You don't need to find a manual one, they are identical.

    One problem though, they are not easy to find. :indiff:
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    chirubia Guest
    Oh really...thats a good news, thx for the answer

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    Vandal Guest
    Mate, can I get your thoughts on the s-tune suspension? I am debating whether to get s-tune or something like tein super street.

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    S15R Guest
    I love Nismo S-tune suspension, nissan should have them as optional

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    Vandal Guest
    Yeah, you would definitely expect it to be a quality product. Main drawback is its non adjustable, but I have a very steep driveway, so can't lower it too much anyway. I also don't want something too stiff, as our Qld roads are total crap for the most part and its not like I will be going to the track every week. I think I could live with something maybe too soft for the track, but firm enough for some occasional 'spirited' mountain runs.

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    S15R Guest
    with S-tune the car sits in good height, non adjuatable hmm not a worry to me, also its very reliable too, my mate had s-tune about 4 years now and he has done about 80k kms on it lol no a sign of leaking!

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    kazamas15 Guest
    Yeah I am quite happy with my s-tune, it improves handling a lot, and the ride is not too bumpy. The only down side is, it?s not adjustable so the front sits a bit high, so after 2 yrs I decide to go for some proper stuff.

    Supprisingly though hypermax III is suppose to be better, the ride quality and handling is just a little bit more responsive s-tune, the car sits flatter too. Hypermax 3 actually feels smoother than S-tune.

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