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    kazamas15 Guest
    New Greddy Spec-V intercooler..

    hum... the next step is to get PFC, upsize the injector and tuning...
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    kazamas15 Guest
    I don't think I will be able to come up with spare cash for a HKS GT-RS turbo for a while... so I've decided to go for the 555cc injector in the end... XD

    Power FC also arrived... ^^

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    kazamas15 Guest
    Finally the moment I've been waiting for.. 'tune up' time...

    I went to one of the more reputable tune shop locally. Inside this garage, its the home for two GT-Rs, the R34 makes good 400rwkw with stock turbo, the R32 currently 0rwkw, bcoz the engine it out of the engine bay.

    Another shot of this 400rwkw beast... really luv the engine luv the look.. :P

    Here is couple pics of the tuning process.

    Setting the car up

    Ready to go ~

    Manifold glowing red hot

    Soichi, the tune shop owner was having some issues with the boost controller. The boost responded quickly to 1.1bar then slowly to 1.2bar, hence loosing bit of the mid range torque.

    Nevertheless I have to say I'm happy with the result, I was expecting low 200rwkw, but managed 212rwkw@1.24bar of boost, he temped to go higher on the boost to 1.3bar, but not after finding out my boost controller was playing up. I wonder if it was anything to do with the scramble setting on the different channel to the channel been tuned to run high boost???

    Thinking about getting the tomei cams to get more power.. but probably won't do any engine mod now for while.

    Updates on the 1st page ~
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    s15andy.s Guest
    well done cool pics

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    WATDA Guest
    Ahhh ya from NZ, are you on snz? havent seen your car around. I just dynoed mine on saturday and got 222rwkw after doing tomei poncam and 3" exhaust, dynoed at torque performance but readins look very similar if not lower to st dyno. I had 205rwkw at st before i did the last mods. Ya cars looking nice man

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    kazamas15 Guest
    Wow ~ 222kw on the roller dyno, that is very impressive, probably close / more than 230kw on the hub dyno.

    Yeah.. I'm a SNZ member. I'm trying my profile low there.. @@

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    kazamas15 Guest

    Lazy boy's induction box

    Couldn't be bother to make my own heat shield, plus my crafting skill pretty much next to zero. So this is what I end up getting... XD

    Only take 10 mins to install and you walk away.

    Pick your own stickers from the website... hehe (+5hp per sticker @@)

    hum.... mission complete.

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    s15andy.s Guest
    nice addition to a nice much did it cost?

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    daniel83 Guest
    Really nice!

    Where did you you buy it?

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    kazamas15 Guest
    hum... my friend in japan bought it for me for 17600 yen...

    I think he gets some discount from apexi dealer...

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