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    Jamie's White 1998 Spec R

    Haven't updates this thread in a while!

    To catch up I took the car to Horsham Developments a couple of times. The first time I got it on their fancy four wheel laser alignment and got that all sorted out, it made so much difference to the feel of the car but the car was scraping a bit. So I got them to dial in a bit of camber and raise the rear slightly. I also stiffened up the suspension again as the new coilovers didn't feel so great when driving hard into corners, so now back to being firm!

    Also got the car serviced using Fuchs Race Pro 10w 50, from what I read was quite a well regarded oil for the S15's.

    A more exciting update is totally contradictory to my last post on this thread but I decided against keeping the weds kranze and began searching for new wheels. I was loving the Meister M1R but couldn't really justify spending that much on wheels, especially as the car won't be doing many miles in the winter! So I opted for some Work CR Kai's in chrome, which I shipped over from Russia as I struggled to find any in UK! Not managed to get any rubber on them yet but hope to have them on the car next week! Here is a pic after opening them up earlier in the week Jamie's White 1998 Spec R They are 18x9.5 et 12 and et 20

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