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    Brad Guest

    Brad's White S15

    169kW at the wheels on 14.3psi - Dec 05'
    127psi on all four cylinders from compression test

    Current mods
    Greddy Type-S front mount intercooler
    Fujitsubo RM01A cat-back
    Tomei dump
    Fujitsubo front pipe
    Apexi Power Intake
    Apexi Induction Box
    Apexi Power FC ECU
    Cusco ALC front strut brace
    Cusco brake cylinder stopper
    Nismo smoked side indicators
    Nismo titanium shift knob
    Nismo Fuel Pump
    Blitz blow off valve
    Blitz ID-3 boost controller
    Endless SSY brake pads
    Reconditioned/pulled down 6-speed box

    Coming mods
    ARC front mount intercooler w/piping
    ARC radiator cover panel
    Nismo front and rear sway-bars
    Nismo bush set for rear sub-frame
    Nismo S-spec struts/springs

    Undecided coming mods
    Brake rotors
    Tomei stage pon-cams
    Tomei rocker stopper kit
    Tomei forged pistons

    Looking at a rebuild mid next year. Only mild, as the k's are heading over 100,000 and the compression is slightly lower than I would like.
    ...more pics to come...


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    You should add a set of springs at least to your coming mod llist

    Nice car and good spec, welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Topper
    You should add a set of springs at least to your coming mod llist

    Nice car and good spec, welcome
    And some nice rims
    Nice car

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    Makes mine look standard...

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    RyanNK Guest
    Looks clean...putting out some nice power as well. You and I both need some lowering springs or coils

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    Brad Guest
    Yeah the nismo type-s struts and springs are on the list
    Rims will be the last thing I do after the engine and body work is completely sorted out.
    Bit of damage on the back that I brought the car with that I need to repair


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    Brad Guest
    Power FC and Nismo fuel pump added, waiting for after the NY break to get a dyno + tune.


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