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    Quote Originally Posted by Albert View Post
    i like this spoiler
    suits your car ALOT better than it did mine
    [| .. ミントさんís own posting malarky ^.^ [] f00! |]

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    Albert Guest

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    Albert Guest
    Soon will be 4 round of Formula Drift in Russia.

    maybe will be Ken Nomura in Moscow at this round... will be cool :-)

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    Nice drifting, GL in the next round

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    Albert Guest

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    s15andy.s Guest
    lookin like u had fun...did u win?

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    Albert Guest
    No, I had fourth place in the qualification, and when the tandem began, I lost the race for my stupidity =( But I know that I can ride better now =)

    And this is our chempion in the last round


    Soon will be the next and the last round in Russia... and then winter................
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    Albert Guest
    new tune =)

    D1 UDF Round 2 in Kiev. Didn't get places... not so much practice on this track, as I wanted.

    I was my 1st practice on the track. CRAZY! I LIKE IT!
    Start... first turn. 160km\h .. e-brake... hmm not good angle... e-brake... oo, yep this angle... ach-ach-ach...atatata....

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    Albert Guest
    Some good pictures from season 2008:

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    Albert Guest
    I ordered OS Giken 5-speed close mission with mainshaft and input shaft, FULL KIT))

    New 2871R a/r 0.64, new manifold and e.c.... just for the new season))))

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