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    Ballymena N.I.
    was just looking at the heater controls thought they were diff!Quite a few people fitting them seats i like them pity there so dear :P

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    Albert Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nicely View Post
    That's so weird. Your JDM Spec S has the ADM heater controls...
    Yep, but conditioner doesn't work.... need to tank up it =)

    Car still waiting for PFC tune. Was 1st try, but there was problem with actuator. I have dual actuator and it was connect not correcly right, and boost was 1Bar and then 0.8Bar...

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    Albert Guest
    Ye-e-e-e-p, Baby =)

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    Albert Guest
    Real boys, start of the work day))))

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    Your work-mates seems to have good taste in cars
    Nissan GTR -09 Now with Cobb accessport stage 2

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    Albert Guest
    No, just boss park place)))

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    Albert Guest

    Bought this body kit:

    But I will buy body kit from Uras Type 4:

    with wich I can do this

    And I think more and more about this miracle:

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    sillbeers15 Guest
    Vertex / T&E products are far more superior in Quality from URAS. I've seen both products for S15 to make that statement.

    Two of my close mates placed an order each for the R35. It cost 100kpound each when they arrive in Singapore at April 2008.

    I'm not tempted to the R35 as it is ~500kg heavier than S15. Plus my ride is almost making the same power as the R35 and returning much better power/weight ratio than it.
    Rather, I'm tempted to get an EVO X next year when the DSG box arrives to compliment my S15.

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    Albert Guest
    Yeehh.... season began =)

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    Pazz Guest
    Nice, the wheels are Work XT7's???? Anymore pictures of wheels on the car?

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