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    chirubia Guest

    converting AT to MT

    Is it worth it??? i'm thinkin about the Nismo 6speed and any1 have any ideas about what else i hav to get such as, cluth, pedal, and etc.???
    AND will this change mess up my car???, i mean would it be better to leave it as AT coz i use it as a daily drive.

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    kenji Guest
    That's a very expensive gearbox if you're gonna go for a conversion. Most ppl would get their hands on an S13 or S14 5-speed gearbox for their conversion, as it is much stronger than the stock 6-speed. The price of the conversion depends also on what kind of clutch u use. I'd sell the auto and get a manual S15 if I were you

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    chirubia Guest
    yeah its been a long time since i post this thread...anyway i've found the 6 speed s15 gearbox and others stuff already...maybe i'll change it before new year
    thx for the ans.

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    S15R Guest
    nismo gears are 4000aud + shipping, personally i think its worth it or other choice is the HPI complete gearbox it has Nismo gear ratios and handle more torque

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    kenji Guest
    How much are the HPI gearboxes for s15's? I just find the stock ones rubbish :P they just sound like they'are about to fly apart.

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    S15R Guest
    410790yen 50kg.m+ torque

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    chirubia Guest
    oh well...that's pretty damn expensive i think i'll go with the stock

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    Brad Guest
    Go a Power FC for a manual S15 at the same time to avoid issues with gearchanges also.


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    chirubia Guest
    already done...thx anyway

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    S15R Guest
    ask kazamas15 his s15 was an AUTO now = manual

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