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    chirubia Guest
    Thx S15R...

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    Albert Guest
    In Yahoo auction you can buy it cheaper....
    For example: - this is a full kit.... the price will be about 1800-2000$ in Moscow.

    I have 5speed manual transmission from S13 ;-)

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    chirubia Guest
    i already got the whole thing except the gear hard to find it seperately

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    s15 ste Guest
    Why did I buy a god damb automatic!!

    All I want is a manual

    Anyone any help on where I can find one and get it to the UK?

    I cant read japanese so finding it quite difficult looking on yahoo auctions in japan!!

    What I really want is an engine, 6 speed box, clutch pedal, brake pedal, clutch cylinder, prop shaft and helical diff!! I know I dont want much

    Any help would be appreciated!!


    Oh yea flywheel and clutch!!!

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    Nov 2005

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    kenji Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chirubia
    i already got the whole thing except the gear hard to find it seperately
    Go to wreckers and find some s15 halfcuts, they should have those gear consoles

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    s15 ste Guest
    I wish it was that easy!!!

    All our cars are imports over here and therefore hard to find and even harder in a breakers yard!!

    Hmmmm, my sister lives over in Oz. Wonder if she would wrap one up and stick it in the post!

    I wouldn't mind getting all the bits imported if it was at the right price.

    Anyone know if companies import engines and stuff to the UK?

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    s15 ste Guest
    I've found this in Ireland. Although had a slight bump to the front and rear, i'm hoping the engine and box etc is ok!

    What do yous think?

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    kenji Guest
    heh the gear console looks fine on that

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    chirubia Guest
    heh the gear console looks fine on that
    Yes indeed

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