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    different types of blue s15

    Are there different types of blue s15's. One seems more shiny and clearer while the other seems to be more purplish.

    This is the one which i want:

    Then there is this ine which seems different:

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    The is only 1 shade of blue available on the S15 ( well 2 if you include Aqua Silver - BN5 (M) which is a light aqua color & uber rare to find ).

    The color you are looking at is Brilliant Blue - TV3 (TPM).

    All colors & color codes can be found in the useful threads section.

    I would think that the differences between these pics is only due to quality of pic/camera, well waxed car compared to not, fresh paint job/respray or possible photoshop to make look better. same color though lad
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    Your last link is the colour of S15's

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