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    silviac Guest

    Replacing engine parts

    I have got an engine that I need to swap over which has HKS metal head gasket
    HKS high lift camshafts HKS valve springs and Tomei RAS.

    What will be the easiest and the most efficiency way to swap them with another engine that is standard? Is it worth going through all that hassle? I don't know how easy dropping complete engine out but I don't have experience of doing it so a little hesistant.. whereas if I open up both rocker covers I still have to set torque and all..

    Can I just remove head and swap the top completely?

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    no, be cause to remove the head, the cams have to come out. the valves springs will not need to be removed though.

    you also can't use the MHG twice, so that'd mean reaplacing that.

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    I have heard of people reusing certain metal head gaskets up to 3 or 4 times but personally I wouldn't want to take that risk in my engine for the sake of "a few" quid... As for swapping the head over - I wouldn't remove the engine to do it.
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    Matt_S Guest
    Just swap the engines. Its not too much hassle. And even if you have to pay to have the swap done, the price of a new MHG, kinda negates it. Plus as its already got a MHG in there, it means the head has been off already, so Id probabaly think about replacing the head bolts - again more cost, as you may as well upgrade them to ARPs...

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    silviac Guest
    ah... swapping engine might be the best option then... Thanks all

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