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    keithk Guest

    Fitting A Greedy Type S BOV

    Has anyone had experience fitting one of these blow off valves to there S15?
    If so can you please let me know where about you fitted it and did it cause any vacuum leak a idle speed causing the engine to run rough on tick over?

    Reason I ask is I am getting one at the weekend off someone who ordered one for a S14 but ended up selling the car before fitting the BOV.

    Thanks In Advance


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    S15R Guest
    did u tighten the spring?

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    Hi mate,

    Mine is a Blitz Bov, and fitted on the hotpipe as shown here: -

    Regarding it running rough, like S15R says, you need to adjust it so it doesnt dump to early. i.e. leak

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    I had the exact BOV (Beautiful Pink!)
    I only bought the BOV, not fitting kit.
    If you look under the fuse box you will find the factory BOV, if you take the factory BOV off you are left with the original mount. I carfully measured it up and drill ed an extra hole into the mount, so using one of the existing holes and the new one i could attach the bov, and then hooked it all up so its in the factory position.
    One thing YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER, the factory BOV was a plumb back, and unless you have the typeS plumb back pipe (or constructed some DIY pipe) you need to block off the pipe with a blanking plug (Or a filed down wine cork with some electrical tape!). If you dont block off the pipe it will cause the engine to idle badly and probably stall!

    If you have done all the above and it is still idling funny, try tightening the BOV (Make it harder) reduces leak if your running high boost.

    Would show you some photos of mine, but this was fitted to Silvia mk1 which is probely been turned into a drinks can by now! Just about to fit a Greddy typeRS to Silvia mk2 (When the bloody thing arrives!)

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