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    david Guest

    Wide bodykit!

    Anyone know wat sort off money the wide body vertex ridge kit would be to get done over here or even how much that kit is in japan???

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    the boot lad Guest
    I got a price off fc autostyling last week,to fit and spray the rear arches and front wings,he was saying around 2500 but that was also including the fitting of a new front and rear bumper,so id say around 2,for the arches.

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    I fitted the ridge wide kit to my drift car and with the tubbing of the rear arches and making the hole kit fit how it should was a massive undertaking. I think if you could get it done at that price, and as long as its done properly that is a bargain.
    But bear in mind if your cars pearl white its going to need a complete respray.
    I dont know how much the kit is in Japan but I paid about £1750 shipped and took about 12 weeks.
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    david Guest
    Ye i know all about matching pearl white so i take it i would need a full respray and then the kit so id be probably talkin 5 grand would i?
    Iv heard the genuine vertex ridge kit is a good fit is this true.

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    david, give ray on this board a shout he would be able to give you an idea of the costs this side of the pond, hes just had the whole lot done. Im not sure on the exact figure but 5-6k would sound about right to me and looking at his in the flesh it really has a presence!!

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    david Guest

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    the boot lad Guest
    Well i priced the arches off drive'n'style in roscomman,the price was 600 hundred for the four acrhes,he has a mould and makes them himself,but to be honest i dont know how good they would fit.

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    raystang has just done it to his s15.

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    david Guest
    Im friends with shane from drive n style and i know his stuff is good but i would prefer genuine kit for handyer fitting.

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    the boot lad Guest
    Ya i know what you are saying,but the other side is it would only cost you half the price and i dont know if you have ever seen any of fc autostyling's work but it is top class,i really think he is the only guy in ireland id let near my car.

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