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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren_S15 View Post
    The first number is the low temperature rating and the second number is the high temperature rating.
    Perfect, thankyou.

    Quote Originally Posted by craig8585 View Post
    If you read Post #2 of this thread it should give you a good idea of which oils to go for
    Umm, thanks but I've read that and it didn't answer my question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amused_15 View Post
    Gearbox: Castrol LSX 90-140 2.5 litres (g)
    Really, 2.5L in the gearbox? care to elaborate on that?
    The stock value is 1.8L and I think most people refill to 2L (I have), however 2.5 is a fair bit more than stock. Have you extended the breather hose a lot, or has nothing come out of it?

    Also, the stock oil weight for the gearbox is (I believe) 75w90, any reason for running significantly thicker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lococard View Post
    (Sorry for bumping an old thread, better than starting a new one right?)

    I've read this thread and was just wondering what the difference was between the 5W40, 10W50 etc. was?

    I have a Spec R turbo S15 and its due for a service, just getting an idea of which oils and what quantities I should go with.
    It's already been answered, but basically the first number is viscosity when cold, and the second is when hot. 0wXX or 5wXX are probably beneficial in colder climates (to help with cold starts), but for australia I think 10w40 is probably a safe bet, and the manual also recommends this. The car takes about 3.5L so a 4L or 5L bottle will do the trick. If you get a 5L bottle you can use a litre to help flush the old stuff out after draining if you want, before refilling (maybe I'm just anal!).
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    I always change the following every 4000 miles or before every drift day (whichever is soonest):

    Engine oil - Currently using Motul 300v (15w50) from driftworks - I buy 3.5 litres
    Oil Filter - Usually Nissan
    Diff Oil - Silkolene BOA 90LS from driftworks - I buy 2 litres
    Spark plugs (BKR7EIXs with 1.2-1.4 bar boost - they work fine!)

    Seems to keep the engines pretty damn reliable considering the grief I give them

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