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    kenji Guest
    If its the rattly noise you hear when you start up your engine, it's probably the noisy timing belt, typical problem on S15 SR20DET's

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    S15R Guest
    chain u mean

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    Purpleline Guest
    its bcoz of the "Neutral gear" signal NOT present to the ECU. the VTC soleniod is confuesd so keep on/off under no load reving over 1050rmp

    Try shift to "R" & put back to "neutral" ..noise gone. There is nothing to worry...just little bug of the gear box sensor....clean the netual gear signal sensor may help but u will never want to do that....

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    Twincam16 Guest
    This kinda makes sense cos as soon as you select a gear(Any gear) it disappears
    Thanks for all the help lads

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