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    Dawgg Guest

    Engine Oil Quantity

    Just wondering if anyone can confirm the approximate quantity of engine oil required for an oil change? My car seems a bit 'lumpy' on idle so I have ordered all oils (except engine), spark plugs, oil/fuel filter and treated myself to an induction kit....hopefully all it needs is a good service.

    I have just noticed that i have too much oil in the engine after about 100 miles or so from when i received the car...can that cause lasting damage?

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    If there is excessive oil, yes you can damage the engine.

    Mind you my dad's Saab when for 300km with 10L of oil in it. It was only suppose to have 4L. This was due to a faulty oil pressure switch. He just kept filling it up. You could actually hear the crank splash through the oil (very bad!). His car was fine, but it is not something that is good to do.

    If it is slightly overfull, you will be fine. Better to drain some out if you can tho.

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    gunner93 Guest
    I'd say about 3.4 ltr should see the level just below the max on the dip stick. That would be best to avoid excessive blow by gasses spilling over to the intake plump back toward the turbo intake which will further mess up the IC pipings.

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    3.5 litres without the filter 3.7ltrs with filter

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    Check the S15 manual.

    Download it if you havnt

    3.5 liters with oil filter change

    3.3 liters without

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    gunner93 Guest
    I was wondering if the SRs were built to take up 4.2 ltrs like the Honda KAs, the overheating propensity may reduce?

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