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Thread: squeking sound

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    silvialam Guest

    squeking sound

    hi guys...

    i got a problem here and i wonder why does it have squeking sound.

    the squeking sound can be hear when u step on the clutch pedal and also when u release the clutch pedal...

    what do u think is the cause of this squeking sound?

    hope u guys could give me some tips to solve it...

    thank you

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    Brad Guest
    Jack up the drivers side of your car and look on the gearbox for a rubber boot about half way along (level with the front of the door), pull up one side of the boot (right on the side of the box) and spray grease in there - that should stop the squeak.


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    S15R Guest
    i got the squeking sound before

    i use CRC and spray aound the slave cylinder

    GONE NOW !

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