Hi All,

Just though I'd share this might help someone else out.

I have to have the driver seat all the way back in my S15 to fit and this lead to having out streatched arms which wasnt great for a driver feel. So I was searching for a spacer for the OEM wheel and I came across this on facebook.

Daily Driver Motorsport - Cars - Monza, Italy | Facebook - 7 reviews - 546 photos based in Italy do a spacer for OEM steering wheels for a few different cars the guys name is Giacomo and he is really good to deal with very helpfull. I ordered one fr a nissan juke after doing so searching found that the splines on nearly all nissans are the same so it should fit. You can see it fitted in the images below. It makes the driving position so much nicer it moved the wheel about 2.5 inches closer to me.

Hopefully this might help someone else out.