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    Brad Guest

    Interesting article in Australian import mag...

    Thought I would share with you fellows as you obviously wouldnt get this mag over in the UK...

    Basis of the test is a mildly modded S15 making 195kW ATW, testing water cooling the intercooler, using a spray of NOS to cool the intercooler and then using dry ice to cool the intercooler. A dyno run was done after each time. No changes to timing, or boost levels made.

    195kW ATW, 39 degrees celsius intake temp - air cooled core.
    218kW ATW, 34 degrees celsius intake temp - water cooled core.
    240kW ATW, 26 degrees celsius intake temp - nitros oxide cooled core.
    254kW ATW, 16 degrees celsius intake temp - dry ice cooled core.

    Proper credit before I go any further the article was in a mag called Zoom, by Martin Donnon.

    Just thought I would put that out there as it amazed me - I thought 25-30kW might have been gained, but not 50+! Having said that though the intake temp. has been more than halfed. The article certainly gives a tad of credability to the people I have always mocked that use water spray kits on their intercoolers.

    Even if you dont go and buy a water spray one kilo of dry ice (about $8 AUD) packed around the end tanks at a dyno shoot-out would be a handy advantage


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    S15R Guest
    254kW ATW, 16 degrees celsius intake temp - dry ice cooled core.

    im going to try water spray system soon for summer

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    thanks for posting that up brad, quite interesting... how about some cold ice water? hahahaha i'm poor :P

    which issue of zoom was this in?

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    Brad Guest
    Turns out more Aus users than I thought!
    Its issue 94, it has a blue s14a with an rb25 (with an rb26 rocker cover - tricky...) on it. The latest one I am pretty sure.


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    Helsinki, Finland

    Incredible difference

    Though, I had intake temps of -5 a month back...

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    s15_is_sx Guest
    So is water cooled water spray. If so that is still pretty good. I mean 195rwkw to 218rwkw is quite a noticable gain for a simple mod.

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    Brad Guest
    They just poured water over the core through the dyno, still had the dyno fans going as per normal of course


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