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    TV3 blue touch up kits?

    hi all,

    any fellow owners of TV3 blue S15s used touch up kits? im always skeptical of colour match quality so wondered if anyone has found a decent kit they can recommend (UK based)? suppose this question applies to all colours really as i would assume there are more reputable brands etc. will get a proper respray done eventually just after a kit to cover large stone chips in bumper and cover a little surface rust on fender lip.

    on that note what do people recommend for surface rust? i was planning on a bit of wet-n-dry to gently remove as much as i can then just touch up paint over it to stop it getting worse. are the rust treatment solutions etc worth using?

    thanks all.

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    I havenít used any touch up kits, but I had some spare paint left over from when peglio painted my bumper. It was matched off my fuel filler door and Iíve used some of that spare paint on marks here and there and itís a great match. Applied with a tiny brush. I used one of the lacquer touch up sticks from Halfords over the top and itís lasted well so far. If you pay for the postage Iíll send you some of it.

    As for rust, itís such awkward stuff. Until you start going at it with something you wonít really know how bad it is. Easiest thing
    to clear it away is a wire wheel but if you want to be really careful then a few different grades of sandpaper might do the trick (depending on how bad it is). Iíve found Hammerite Kurust to be good stuff. A couple coats of that after youíve sanded the worst back will slow it down considerably, followed by a bit of zinc primer and then the top coat.

    It really is hateful though and no matter how much you hammer it with wire wheels, solutions etc it always comes back. Only way to properly kill it in the long run is to cut it out and replace it with new metal.

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