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    You could always buy a nice Spec S then spend a "fair bit" in upgrading the engine, brakes, suspension, etc.. in order to get it to the same level of performance as the Spec R (if you don't care about resale value - thought I'd get that in before Nicely did)... But at the end of the day you'll probably spend as much.

    I'm currently doing this project on my car and it is not cheap - but that's due to my overall lack of sanity and desire to do everything the hard way and have 'fairly decent' power. Albert (Moscow) is also doing a similar thing but just doing an engine swap as his suspension and brakes are already upgraded.

    I'll keep the forum up to date on my progress (in case anyone cares)
    1999 S15 Spec S Auto (ever so slightly modified)
    1996 Skyline GTR (UK Holiday car); 2001 Lotus Esprit V8GT (moderate tuning); 2008 BMW 135i (looking for more power)

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    Quote Originally Posted by elizium
    .....I'll keep the forum up to date on my progress (in case anyone cares)
    We all care, we're one big happy S15 family

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    power to the people

    I say power to all the people in the world who are prepared to take something standard and make it better through modification, i think a standard r-spec s15 is a weapon in the right hands and the asthetic looks are awesome. I also love the conversions that people are doing to other front ends, just goes to show that automotive genius is in the eye of the beholder and individual tastes produce individual projects and good luck to all of u.............p.s I think god drives a maxxed out s15 with 300 pounds of boost

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    LOL ^^^

    Yeah there are heaps of mean S14's with S15 front ends.. looks soo goood!

    Good luck with it!
    search for it.. heaps of peeps have done it there!


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