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    Quote Originally Posted by kenecchi View Post
    If you have a Spec R, you have the same sized master cylinder as the Z32, BM-50. If you have a Spec S you have a smaller BM-44, in which case it would be best to source a BM-50 from a Spec R, because it will bolt in and all of the lines and fittings will work without modification. You will need custom lines; mine were made by StopTech but there are lots of companies around that make them if you look around.

    Really, if you have a Spec R, there's not a whole lot of point to using the GTS-T brakes unless you're just doing it for the fun of working on your car or you just love the look of the Skyline calipers.
    The 2 pot rears are worth it compared to the stock S15 brakes.

    OP, don't forget you need a R33 Handbrake cable too - this can be from any R33 that has a drum set up

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    This page has a lot of handy info, its worth reading.

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    Thanks! I'm sure I'll figure it out once it's all arrived.

    Where can I get a seal kit for the rears?? There's plenty of front but only place I've found for rears is in the states

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