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    Retainer adjustment screw?

    He all,

    My steering rack is making weird sound, like shocks being really old..
    There is no play on the steering itself
    when i pull on the tie-rod there is no movement at all, but when my mate judders the steering wheel it does feel like the tie-rod is got a lot of play..(2mm)

    In the manual there is a "retainer adjustment screw", could it be this needs tightening? can i just turn it in a bit and see what happens (the manual is pretty vague on the adjustment, 5 nm and than 60-80deg back without oil in it)
    it feels like the glide bushes of the center steering shaft are worn if that makes sense, but there are non :S

    S13-S15 are the same, s14 has thicker threat?
    So best thing to do is to replace inner and outer for S14??
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