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Thread: Front Bumper??

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    Derek Guest

    Front Bumper??

    Alright lads what make of front bumper is this or the whole kit. If anyone has a link to a company selling it would be great.



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    Thats a guess by the way Looks like it

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    RyanNK Guest
    Looks like a ridged vertex with slight modifications

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    chirubia Guest
    maybe a Feizdesign (look at the hood) just a guess...

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    kenji Guest
    Looks like the vertex ridge kit fitted with canards and front diffuser

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    S15R Guest
    its not vertex I'm not really sure about the front bumper and i cant find anything in hyper rev magazine but i found the bonnet its X-Treme

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    Derek Guest
    Thanks for feedback fella's. i d'ont think its the Vertex bumper not far off it. but it has cut outs in side. plus i've seen it on another car.. Anyone know is Feizdesign a company in japan or what?

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    Derek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by chirubia
    maybe a Feizdesign (look at the hood) just a guess...
    Ur spot on.. I didn't think feizdesign was a Manufactuer but they are.

    They have a full list of Carbon goodies. But unfortunely its all in japaneese. Prices seem high..

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    chirubia Guest
    hey dude...use this link it can translate Japs, not 100% accurate though...hope it helps

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