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    Spec R chassis bracing

    I thought I'd post this over here, as it was particularly interesting. Courtesy of Phil Morrison of Driftworks, who is is preparing an S15 for next year's drift season.

    I'm not sure if this is something you guys are fully aware of already, but there were some nice little suprises for me, so I thought I'd share

    The S15 is essentially a tweeked S14 chassis as we all know. But as I'm not sure there's to many people daft enough to rip apart a Spec R as I have, so I thought I'd show a few of the chassis strengthening bit's we noticed along the way . Please excuse the state of the car, I put the braces back on to take photo's halfway through stripping the sound deadening and seam sealer.

    Front and rear strut towers use a brace plate on top:

    Between the to chassis rails at the front theres a huge brace:

    The rear subframe is noted to be massively superior to the S13 and S14 items. I haven't pulled it off to compair yet, but to give you an idea, check this brace between the 2 rearmost mounting points:

    In the boot, theres a huge brace spanning the back: and a corner brace each side at the front:

    But the Bpillar saw the most extreme bracing, check out this rollover bar, and the huge brackets that go from the rear seat to the lower Bpillar:

    Theres also some other little plates randomly fixed in, for instance:

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    One thing to note. If you have a sunroof, you won't have that extra roof bracing, I'm afraid. Verified that in FAST.

    Not sure how much the JDM Spec S has though...

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    Looks like Nissan did good


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    sorry to bump a very old thread but is there any chance of getting the pictures to work again??

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    Spoonman was nice enough to post a sticky with this information. Link
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