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Thread: Brakes

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    Nov 2005
    I bought 310mm discs, braided hoses, uprated fluid (cant remember make ) & Ferodo DC2500's, brakes work a treat now

    Heres a pic of the brakes and Standard calipers

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    kieran Guest
    i must say i have done a couple of track days now one with the same kit as topper but with mintex pads and one with the ferrado's and the kit is the tits with the ferrados and utter poo witht the mintex, i cant say that i would need bigger calipers other than for show, i would out brake most of the cars on the track that day and that included porshe, civics (with 6 pots) westfields, honda s2000 etc....

    its a nice kit

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    s15_is_sx Guest
    Obviously I plan to get bigger disks as well. The r33 gtst is a straight bolt on. The s15 calippers are made of iron and are very heavy (something like 6 kilos) the r33 gtst are made of alloy so there is a significant advantage due to the reduction in unsprung weight. Also the r33gtst is 296mm compared to 280mm. I almost certain the r34 gtt 310mm definately cant fit behind the stock rims (wish they could) but I think the r33gtst can, just not 100% sure so I wanted to check first before I bought it.

    I plan to get ferodo DS2500 pads and slotted rotars. I wanted project mu SCR pro but they don't make them for the r33 gtst callipers unfortunately so I am undecided on rotars. I'm thinking either DBA 5000 of project mu SCR but am interested in other options something equivatlent to the project mu SCR pro would be good ???

    Anyway thanks for all the replies but I would greatly appreciate if someone new the answer to my original question and other comments are of cource appreciated.

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    S15R Guest
    i'm planning to ask bigger disks for the front, but do i need to get the mounting kit as well from somewhere?

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    Hong Kong
    apex performace uk do the whole kit...for the S15 the one topper has

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    Z32 calipers are also alloy and also bolt straight on.

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    s15_is_sx Guest
    ^^^ Yer I know but they are 280mm so would prefer the r33gtst ones if they fit.

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    Purpleline Guest
    go get a set fm R34 GTT..its 310. GTST is 296 . If u got a pr fm skyline...u could probably further upgrade to mac 330 w/ offset kit this

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