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    Scummy Guest
    Heeey! I'm from Norway 2.. Is it your S15 that it was writen about in Gatebil Magazine??

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    Helsinki, Finland

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    Derek Guest
    Very nice s15 there. Welcome too. Where's ur gearknob gone? Whats the blue thing to the right of ur centre console? Was the car standard when you brought it in. Its just i see u put coilovers, Intercooler and few others bit on it. I also thing the car looks better without the spoiler..

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    S15R Guest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derek
    Whats the blue thing to the right of ur centre console?
    its and cusco hand brake thing cant rember whats its called but u and some how turn it and jusy pull it up when drifting

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    S15R Guest
    i had one, its a drift handbrake knob, you have to loose the spring inside so its not tensioned

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