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    New S15 Owner - Herts UK

    Hi all,

    It's taken about 10 years and all 4 of my closest friends to own them, but I've finally decided I'm willing to be a 'copy cat'.

    Been shopping around for a long time and with searching for a house to fit my needs I haven't wanted to invest in to the import route myself.

    A few months back, I was devastated to lose out the red S15 Torque GT had for sale and with the market for a clean S15 non-existent, finally a notification from ebay with some hope! 16 hours after the listing had been posted, I'd seen the car and put my deposit down and today I got her home!

    Couldn't be happier with the condition of the car, the components and overall just how amazing it drives.

    The previous owner did a great job and honestly, everything is set up perfectly. However, I do already a little list of things to do;

    Service - for peace of mind I'm going to change all fluids, what's everyone running these days?
    Rear wiper blade delete - looks so much cleaner!
    Grooved/ dotted disks - as per recommendation from the previous owner
    New tyres all round - AD08RS are on my radar, is the new rubber compound as bad as people say?
    KM/H to MPH - Any existing threads for this conversion?
    Thatcham alarm install - Any existing threads for this conversion?

    Look forward to seeing everyone around in the future!

    Any info on the above will be great!


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    welcome mate in s15club

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