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    Hey Everyone! JDM 1999 S15 Spec-S Automatic - Pop-up Sat Nav

    Cool Hey Everyone! JDM 1999 S15 Spec-S Automatic - Pop-up Sat Nav

    Hey everyone! My Dad passed away in September last year, and since everyone in my family knows even less about cars than me, I've been tasked with looking after his vehicles.

    One of these cars is a Japanese-imported 1999 S15 Spec-S (automatic). It's all original aside from the wheels and the Aero wing that Dad added to it.

    The only thing bugging me about it is that the pop-up sat nav display stopped working a couple of years ago. I'm in New Zealand and those things are an absolute rarity here, so it's quite difficult to find anyone who knows anything about them. I know they're not much use as a sat-nav outside of Japan, but it does have a nice interface for CD track selection, plus I'm a bit of a nut for the OEM stuff.

    I believe the issue lies solely with the sat-nav control unit, because when I hook it up to power all I get is an electrical "ticking" sound from the unit, and none of the buttons do anything. It doesn't receive CDs either. My problem would almost certainly be solved by just replacing the control unit with another identical OEM one, but those seem to be equally hard to find (let me know if anyone here is selling one though). The unit's model number is CCU-3751V.

    Anyhow, it's great to be here! I'm sure I'll learn a lot from you guys reading through these forums. Thanks everyone.

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