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    OLD LEGEND (Raystangs S15)

    Hi All,

    Ive purchased my first s15 and after doing a little digging it seems as though she was owned by a forum member raystang. After having seen the pictures of the quality of the build i can see no expense was spared and the she was very well looked after.

    sadly shes not in the best of conditions now she had a very rough idle (idler control valve) and exhaust leak which was leaking fumes into the cabin. loads of little cosmetic issues like the wind deflector are not stuck on with expandable foam glue type material. The previous owner has attempted (poorly)to blend the vertex kit into the body and correct the the lacquer peel on the roof, but that ended in disaster as the body was not correctly prepped between sanding stages.

    The problem just begin there. as i was driving the car i found my indicators kept blowing their fuse, turns out the wiring loom running along the drivers side arch have all been scrubbed down bare shorting out god knows what. just when i thought things couldnt get worse i found another 2 things that were going to be pain the arse

    when changing the oil (which looked like it hadn't been changed in a loooong time) i found the thread on the greddy sump to stripped.

    whilst under the car i thought "lets see if i can find that exhaust leak" only to find a 4 inch rectangular hole cut out the down pipe.

    Ill start uploading pictures soon and hopefully start some sort of thread which keeps track of all the progress.

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    OLD LEGEND (Raystangs S15)
    Welcome man ,
    I remember that car , shame to hear what’s happened
    Be interested to see some pics/ progress of getting it back to its former glory

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