Hi all,

Here goes my blind date speech lol.

My name is Matt, I'm 27 and I'm new to this forum.
I've had my Pewter S15 for just over a year now and looking to get her onto the track this summer. She is a 1999 Japanese model with 78,000KMs on the clock (I've left it in KMs so not to confuse mileage) and has the best condition underneath and engine bay I've ever seen on a retro jap car. Imported last year, I bought privately from a chap in Devon unregistered, completely on a whim after seeing a stupidly cheap ad on the Driftworks forum. Saw the add whilst I was at work, drove down just a few hours later and bought it after a quick inspection a blast around the block. Fell in love instantly with the power, the sound, the chirping turbo chatter, the whole package really. Once I got her back I registered myself with some hassle as I didn't have the export certificate but got there 6 months later.

Currently she is slightly modified with most of the standard bolt ons, HKS intake, HPI racing front mount & hard pipes, HKS actuator, Nistune board, Unknown elbow and downpipe, Blitz Nur Spec, Cusco coilovers and tower brace, Cusco 2 way LSD, Cusco camber arms and probably a few bits I've missed. As of right now, I'll be fitting 330mm 8 pot KSports, twin plate clutch, Geo Master or B Knuckles along with tie rods and arms ready for some track time. Once that's all done I have some paintwork to attend to, to get her looking great again!

Before the s15 I had a 350z a couple of civics and countless company cars. I work for BMW as a salesman and have worked for Jaguar, Jeep & Alfa Romeo and my first job in the new car industry... NISSAN (of course).

Thanks for reading