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    Irish Newbie...well maybe not so new!

    Hey everyone,

    My names Sarah I used to be registered on this site but unfortunately I cant access that account anymore!
    So what to tell ye about myself, I have a deep passion for s15's so much so I have one tattooed on my back lol yes I know mad in the head, also have the bonnet badge tattooed on my left wrist, madness again I know lol

    My everyday job is a DriveTribe Ambassador for Ireland, writer, this and that content creator I guess you call me, also involved in an event in the UK this summer called fuel fest.

    Reason I joined s15oc again my passion for s15's and to perv on all the pictures ha ha

    Well that's me thanks for having me!

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    Welcome Sarah!
    Thats very impressive to say the least! I’m glad to hear we have such a passionate member of the forum

    Sounds like you’re living the dream with your job, Maybe you can help encourage the members to attend your event by making a post in our meets and events sub forum here:

    Welcome back to the forum and looking forward to the interesting things you might bring

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