I have recently put down my reserve for a 2002 S15 (Obviously) @ 75k Miles and the wait is killing me already.... The only modifications on it currently is Tein suspension, Fujibitsu Exhaust and a couple of smaller things. The main reason for signing up here was for a little reassurance, knowledge and some explanations.
The main piece of advice i was looking for is suggestions for things to look for when i pick it up before i pay and any preventative upgrades/main. I have created 2 technical related questions so if anyone is willing to help on those it would be appreciated.
Also if anyone in the area lives in or around my area of Leamington Spa and would allow me to view theirs and maybe ask some questions i would be very thankful. I have seen 2 from the outside before and loved them but ive never actually had a chance to look around properly or inside.

Thanks and a pleasure to be here!