Hi there, new member + recent recipient of an imported s15! here to gather some information and see if someone can answer a couple of queries I have

Today is the first day I have had a proper look at the car and upon first inspection have found a few gadgets in use on the vehicle, previous owner/drifter has fitted a few modifications such as FMIC, HKS intake, Blitz BOV, ex oil cooler, old style Apexi AFC, Blitz SBC, HKS turbo timer, Bee R rev limiter aswell as some scrappy wiring to the headlights for HID's, LED's etc... when I first start the vehicle up it does idle fairly high around 1500/1800rpm's but lowers to around 1000 after 1min or so, I also after a small test drive managed to get the car to boost to around 0.5bar max when revved out (reading shown on pillar gauge) despite the SBC being set to the highest setting 59% after initially trying it on 0% for reference, firstly will removing the Apexi AFC affect the running of the vehicle as I have read about these being pre-historic pieces of equipment that don't do the car any favours and will it revert back to a base map of some description that it can run from smoother once disconnected? I'm also wondering as to whether there could be an issue with the boost port solenoid from the Blitz SBC not allowing it to reduce the boost the wastegate sees? i.e running on wastegate pressure instead of upping the boost to what the SBC has been set to?

Many thanks Adam!