I am new to the S15 club. I have been into car modification as a hobby for a long time (over 30 years) and will tackled most jobs myself from bodywork, fabrication and engine re-builds. Over the years I have completed a number of interesting projects including kit cars with turbocharged Hayabusa engines and classic Mini's with rear mounted, turbo charged, Type R engines. Most recently I build and ran a highly modified Skyline R32 GTR which I sold earlier this year.

I am looking for a new project and have long considered the the S15 as a great starting point. I am in the process of building a forged 2JZ engine (Aristo VVTi ) and have a CD009 gearbox from a 350Z ready to fit to a suitable donor car. I would appreciate some pointers from anyone out there who has already completed a similar conversion or seen posts that cover this topic.