Hello everyone! Iím Farhan, new to any forums but very much a long time fan of S bodies haha. Over the past few weeks, Iíve been thinking about what car to get next and a nice Japanese import is stupidly appealing. Iíll confess, Iím one of those people who start looking at their next car from the minute they pick up their current one, always looking forward, and annoying everyone around me as to what they think. I came across this forum a few weeks ago and Iíve already spent many nights and early mornings scrolling through all the pictures, cars for sale and members rides, Iím really glad thereís an active and friendly place for all people interested in the S bodies and otherwise, experts or newbies. Iím the latter, love cars for what they are but very much unfamiliar in terms of the mechanical side of them so hopefully people in here will be able to help me out when I need to find the bonnet release and figure out how to check the oil .

Iím 18 at the moment, and Iíve just purchased my second car at the very end of August, a 16 plate bmw 320d xdrive, a complete yawn fest for some of yous Iím sure but Iím in love with it. After having a 3dr A3, I was sick of not having rear doors for the odd time I had to shuttle family around town (99% of the time Iím in the car myself however sometimes the mum wants me to take her places as she doesnít drive), now Iíve got 4 doors, the practicality is amazing but the dark side of me is aching for a cheeky noisy Japanese coupe. As per nearly everyone, the R34 is the dream but unattainable. The Supra is another one but again, prices are heavyweight and my pocket isnít. So as an attainable dream car, that leaves the Silvias. For me, itís the S15, made most famous as a child watching Tokyo drift I live in a small town called Elgin in Scotland, with a dire car scene and no real car shows so itís rare for me to see any nice cars but the odd time I do see a silvia, I go mad. Iíve thought why not get the Silvia while I still can before I get older and actually need a 4 door sensible car (although a Toyota chaser has also caught my eye for when this time comes)

Iím extremely interested in getting a clean, tastefully modified Spec R from the guys at Torque GT through the personal import service and have some questions:

First of all, Iíll be 19 with (hopefully) 2 years no claims, so does anyone have any recommendations for insurance companies on an import? Iíve heard about admiral, just wondering about others. And do you check insurance prices on other Silvias before you start the process, through the process etc? As Iíve noticed for the past two cars now that obviously every car will return a different insurance quote, for me anyway.

Second, How is the process with torque gt? In terms of payments, updates, the overall quality of the imports - are they as good as they look in pics - buying a car without seeing it in the fleas is new to me so any tips would be appreciated. Iíd be looking to put my car up for private sale at the start of the car hunt and then when the right car is found, if my car is not sold by then, just sell it to a dealer - how long does it usually take for the guys to find a car or is it all dependent on what you want.

Third, how expensive/easy are modifications to the S15ís?

Sorry for the extremely long and boring introduction, but Iím buzzing to potentially get an S15 and would like to know as much as possible hahaha



If youíve made it this far, have a nice day