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    Finally picking up the S15 after two years

    Yes, that is right. I left her alone sitting for two years. Prior to that i have moved back to my rural town in the central Canada where you can watch you damn dog run away for two weeks. This small town has an "Ok" car scene. The Silvia is parked at my ex's place as we broke up with good terms and she was still letting me store it at her place with a small fee of course. (Bitches always trying to drain every last penny from a playa JK). Some of you guys/gals that might read this, might wonder why would I just ditch a s15 to let it rot outside uncovered. "I know I know am a bad owner". Well due to my career i had to hop of the next plane to the land of the free because i got hired as a visual effects artist and worked on some great film that you all might have seen. anyways that besides the point. Ok, so the big day is in two weeks and im left in the dark on the condition she might be in because I will be driving her back 16 hrs through the Canadian Rockies to get to my rural town. im just worried, Im certain that one tire is flat,there is no power. Beside that and change all fluid and necessary changes. Also i know that the turbo mani gasket might be going soon because when the engine is cold and i try to hit boost there is a delay but after a few minute and everything is to temp the boost kicks in normally. that is my question can i drive 16hrs with a turbo mani gasket that might go out on the drive home. also is there anything that i might over look. keep in mind she has been tuned for 12 psi on a apex ecu and power fc. all with a arc front mount, tomie header and arc exhaust. thank and any help will be greatly appreciated

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    The gaskets won't have got worse the rubber or silicon couplers for intercooler pipe work probably will be the biggest issue

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