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    Hello from Denmark

    Hi all fellow S15-lovers,

    I am a fellow S15 owner from Denmark, having purchased my first, and for now only Spec-S about a year and a half ago with the intentions of building it into a car for starting out in drifting, something I could learn and grow in, and still with the potential to evolve into a pro-esque car down the line. Of course because of that car I caught the S15-bug, and am now looking into getting a nice Spec-R to be used as a sunday-driver to just enjoy.

    In extension to the above, I am a newly graduated machanical engineer, and have been active in the Danish racing scene for the last 15 years or so, with the last 4 years being the person in charge of drifting in Denmark and also running the Danish championship.

    Below is a picture of my Spec-S, it's a 2000 with 169.000km on the clock, completely stock everywhere except the wheels. It is not in the best condition body-wise with many dents and scratches, doesn't matter much for my purpuse of the car - but she is in super condition everywhere else, not a single hint of rust anywhere on the chassis or suspension, heck it was barely dirty anywhere where you would normally find at least some dirt and grime from being used, and I have yet to encounter a bolt that has put up a fight, which makes it a joy to work on the car.

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