Highly recommended

If you want to buy a car of a japanese auction, you can talk to this dealer.
GB Autotrader also keep a stock of used cars.

This is where I got my Silvia from.
Takes care of everything on the japanese side like deregistration and shipping.
Just choose a car and set a bidding roof.
If you win, the only thing you have to worry about is collecting and dealing with local paperwork and tests.

Me and alot of other people in Sweden (mostly Skyline buyers) have used this company and there is 100% satisfactory from what I've heard so far.
One guy wasn't happy at first. But after a spark-plug exchange he was more than happy

This is the company which Jap-City source most of his cars from when importing from over there.

Say hello from me if you decide to buy from here and drop me a PM after the buy for some tips and trix