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    after something a bit different - suggestions welcome

    So the previous car had nismo suspension, orange seats, HID lights, full ICE install etc. What I'm wanting to do with the new car is keep it as stock as possible, to match the near-newness of it - keep it in a classic state, so to speak.
    Ride quality has to remain as close to stock as possible - I'm over having my kidneys jolted every time I hit a bump. Not sure what modifications could occur here other than the strut tower braces mentioned below.

    The only visual changes I've made are: car has been debadged other than bonnet badge, and I've got a set of Autech Style-A tail lights.

    On that note, I'm after suggestions. What are quality-of-life improvements you can make to a car while keeping with this stock theme?

    - obviously the audio stuff will work (I'm kind of annoyed at the alarm LED placement, but what can you do).
    - I'm thinking a good set of tyres is also obvious.
    - will be looking at reinstalling my front nismo strut brace and rear cusco below-the-parcel-shelf brace.
    - higher performance air-filter in the box (i.e. no pod)
    - window tinting
    - coilpacks? cabling improvements?
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